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We are all about mental and emotional healing through literature

Literary Vacation Club was created by Ashley Nestler, an independently published author and professional book reviewer, who struggles with panic disorder and clinical depression.  She became discouraged by how little known independently published authors are, and created this box to help them gain a bigger audience by introducing readers to books they might have otherwise not known about.  


Ashley reviews hundreds of indie books each year to bring you only the best of the best.  The indie market is too big for many people to navigate, and by bringing you only the best indie novels available, you are receiving the ultimate indie experience.  Ashley also found that reading is one of the only things that helps her when she is having a panic attack, and she wanted to bring the concept of bibliotherapy (healing through literature) to the wider public.  She is very passionate about natural healing, and wanted to incorporate her holistic healing practices with her love of literature.  

Our boxes are guaranteed to bring you peace of mind through our unique 4-D bookish experience, and Ashley works hard to personalize each box sent out.  All of our subscribers are family, and we yearn to keep that small business feel no matter how big this business gets.  We are part of the Makers Movement, and all of our boxes include handmade items and they are all packed by hand,  

Thank you for helping us better the world through literature and handmade items!




Literary Vacation Club, LLC.

(Formerly Named Go Indie Now)