Literary Vacation Club

A Multi-Sensory Reading Experience

What's Inside


Vacation 1 - The Holiday

You prefer the full literary vacation and everything it includes!

(Covers A Variety of Genres)

1 - 2 Lesser Known Novels


Item(s) to Taste : 1 - 2 Story Related Recipes and/or Food Items
Item to See : 1 Story Based Art Print or Visual Item
Items to Hear : 1 - 2 Playlists Linked to the Book(s) Chosen
Item(s) to Touch : 1 - 2 items related to the story and/or theme.
Item to Smell : 1 Setting Based Scented Item

Bonus Bookish Item:  1 bonus item perfect for bibliophiles to show off their bookish pride! 


You prefer quick getaways to satisfy your literary fix!

(Covers A Variety of Genres)

1 Lesser Known Novel


Item to Hear: Playlist Linked to Novel

Item to See: 1 Story Based Art Print or Visual Item

Item to Touch OR Item to Smell 





Packages ship around the 15 - 20 of each month

All plans renew on the 1st 

the cutoff day to order that month's package is the 10th of the month


Literary Vacation Club, LLC.

(Formerly Named Go Indie Now)